Thursday, January 23, 2014

Flavorful Diet Recipes - Penzeys Sandwich Sprinkle for Breakfast

No longer will I eat cottage cheese and jello to lose weight! It has never worked before, and it will not work for me long term. One of my secret weapons for cooking food that tastes good is Penzeys Sandwich Sprinkle. It is a tasty mix of garlic, coarse salt, basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, and black pepper.

Love it on roasted vegetables, potatoes, sandwiches, and just about everything savory.

 My current favorite breakfast is a sandwich thin bun with 1 cooked egg, 1 slice of bacon torn in half, a piece of cheddar cheese and a generous shake or 2 of the Sandwich Sprinkle. While I'm cooking the egg, I put the bun in the microwave topped with the cheese and the cooked pieces of bacon. Takes about 20 second to melt the cheese and wake up the bacon. Then I plop the seasoned egg on top. The whole process take about 5 minutes. FYI it totals about 310 calories.

No, they don't pay me to say these things. I just love their spices in general. Their cinnamon is like sweet candy dust. MMMM. Maybe it's time for some oatmeal.

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